Monday, September 13, 2010

Some days are just dead fly days...

This morning I got home from the gym and headed straight for my water bottle. Later as I was cleaning up the kitchen I noticed there was a dead fly floating in my water bottle. My first thought was, SIIIIICK a dead fly in my water bottle! Then I thought, did I DRINK that water while the fly was in my water bottle? Finally I thought about my seventh grade health class when I was introduced to the P and P factor ( yep, poop and puke ) which is apparently what flies do every 5 seconds. My thoughts then returned to SICK!!! That pretty much set up my day for me.

The other day, while I was taking out my contact it tore in half. I got part of it out, but the other part was stuck in there. I mean really stuck! I had a friend come over to see if she could get it out. I tried flushing it out with a water bottle, not the one mentioned above. Nothing worked. It was in there over the weekend. Well, it finally came out, but I needed to have the eye doctor make sure I got all of it out and check my eye for scratches. So I headed to the doctor who made sure my eye was okay, and I got a cute new pair of glasses out of the visit. You can't really complain about that.

Then I thought it would be a neat family homely to take my kids to the moving wall, which is a replica of the veterans memorial in D.C. We gathered the kiddos and talked about the war and how so many people have died so we could enjoy the freedoms we have today. The kids were all prepped and ready to go. When we got there at 7, we found out they took it down at 4! Yup, my mind returned to the dead fly in my water bottle and what a day it had been. It did turn out okay since our cemetery has a memorial set up for veterans from this area. I think the kids got the message we were trying to portray. Then we spent time walking through the cemetery and talking about the lives of people who have passed away. It was a nice evening. So the day did have some "dead fly" moments, but in the end it all turned out okay.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandparents Day

Sander is loving the life of a pre-schooler. They just had Grandparents Day, so Grandma and Grandpa Gee and Grandma Shirley came down for a visit. They had a little program, played games, and did a letter exchange. They ended the fun with some treats. Thanks for coming all this way just to spend an hour at school with my little guy!

It was fun to see how excited Sander was to have some time with Grandpa! They played wii, went on bike rides, went to the park, and watched movies. I can't say I minded having the company here either! While walking through the store with my mom and grandma, a man stopped us and said we needed to get a generation picture, because we all had the same face.
(too bad I still can't get my pictures so download) He later brought his daughter over to us to show her all of us together. I figure if I can be anything like my mom and grandma, I am in good company.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Triathlon or Bust

My friend told me about a little triathlon that our stake was putting on the other day. They wanted it to be a family friendly thing, so they dropped the distance on all the events. I have always thought it would be fun(ish) to do a triathlon, but too intimidated to ever do one. I had one days notice - so no time to get really nervous and change my mind- so I called up some friends ( be grateful you were sick Kate) and we decided to give it a go.

So Anna, you wonderful girl, and I went over to the community pool early this morning to see if we really wanted to sign up. After looking at the routs we decided to try, and if we dropped out no one had to know. Everyone was really nice and it was super low key. We all laughed about how we didn't know how to swim, although I think I was the only one who really didn't have any technique which was made know to me when Gracie yelled out " start swimming for reals now Mom!" I survived the swim and jumped on my bike. It was all peachy until we hit the head wind for the last 4 miles. My bike kept popping out of the easy gear, so I got a little added exercise. I kept pushing on encouraged by my family who drove by to cheer me on. Once I hit the running, I thought I was done for, but my goal was to not walk so I kept on running about as fast as other people were walking. ( sheesh, I was tired) I hit the last part of the run and realized I couldn't hear my cheering section. I guess I was going a little faster than I thought because Evan hadn't even made it to the finish line, because he thought it would be a while before I made it there. Oh well, I finished and actually had a good time. I think I will do more in the future....although I may change my mind tomorrow.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where has the summer gone?

I am having problems getting my pictures to download, which is really too bad because we have sooo many fun pictures. Our summer has been filled with trips to Idaho ( to welcome home my mom and dad from their three year mission ), trips to St. George to visit Evan, late night out-door movies, cook outs, mud days, craft days, kids parades, swim days, lemondae stands, bike rides, birthdays, t-ball games, cooking classes,working in the garden, and lots of downtime just hanging out with family and friends.

Now we are back in school which I thought would mean less to do, but now I find myself running from school to pre-school to soccer games to PTA meetings to play dates. And I have to fit in the gym, naps, meals that will pass as real meals, feeding the baby and keeping the house clean. So I guess we just went from busy to busy with a needed 9-11 hours of sleep for the kids ( with a no sleeping in option!! ).

Things have been hoppin' which is how I love it! I love fall, and I think we are almost there ... do you ever really get fall in Utah or is it always HOT? The kids are excited to get Evan back, and lets be honest ... so am I! Hopefully I will be able to get my camera working to get some pictures of all the fun on here!