Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hannah Turns Three

 Hannah began her wonderful birthday, on mom and dad's bedroom floor, to Mom and Sander singing happy birthday! Gracie and Addie had already woken up and ran into the kitchen to make Hannah's happy birthday sign to put in her spot at the counter for breakfast. Hannah snuggled with mom and told her all about what its like to be 3! Mom took a picture of cute Hannah Banana and texted it to Dad. When Hannah asked to see the picture, she just laughed and laughed, and then told mom, with a big smile on her face, "I'm such a stinker!"
 Hannah finally decided it was time to get some breakfast and was REALLY happy to find a box of sugar cereal waiting for her on the counter. She was patient enough to have some birthday pictures taken before she started to chow down on the yummy cereal.
 Not much after breakfast, Hannah decided she needed a snack. When we started looking for our missing birthday girl, we found her behind the couch eating frosting, which had been swiped from the kitchen counter. Hannah, ever the nice big sister, was sure to bring Eden along for the fun and even provided her with her own spoon so they could both DIG in!
 A little while after that, Hannah went missing again. This time she was found under her blanket "drinking" the sprinkles that were supposed to go on the birthday cake. Instead of getting frustrated with "sweet" little hannah, mom decided she should just take a moment to hold Hannah and let her know how glad we are to have her in our family. So mom and Hannah had some good snuggle time on the kitchen floor, under the blanket.
 Once the cake was finally cooled, and the sprinkles were returned, the kids all gathered around to help decorate the cake. A pink rainbow cake was in the works. Hannah did a great job sorting out all the colors to make the rainbow... some of which looked so good they found their way into Hannah's cute little mouth.
 Dad came home and we headed to IHOP so the birthday girl could have some pancakes. Hannah found the best part of dinner was running into the bathroom and flushing all the toilets! (ugh) The entire restaurant could hear her giggling as she flushed one toilet after another. Who knew that IHOP was dinner and entertainment too?!
 Hannah did fall asleep on the way home.... and mom was a little tempted to let her have an early night even though it was her birthday, but Dad stepped in and woke the sleeping monster... I mean princess, up. It took a few minutes but Hannah was able to find the sweet little girl deep inside long enough to open some presents and have some cake and ice cream.
Hannah, I hope your wish comes true! We love having you in our family!