Thursday, June 23, 2011

sleep walking

Evan and I were talking in bed last night when I thought I heard one of the kids get up. (This is after hearing a loud thud and walking in to find Gracie looking a little dazed on her bedroom floor.) I kept waiting for the little one to walk into my room so I could see who was awake. No one came. Then I realized I could hear someone playing with a door knob. I told Evan there was someone at the door ( Evan was a little out of it by this time ) so he JUMPED out of bed and started running towards the kids rooms. We couldn't figure out where the little wandering body was. Sander wasn't in his bedroom so we went back to look in the garage just as we heard the screaming and crying start. Sure enough there was little Sander standing in our dark garage, going to the bathroom. He is such a sound sleeper, when he gets up to go to the bathroom he often ends up in the wrong place. I have found him with the pantry door open, the fridge, and between the bookcase and our couch. I have always caught him in time to redirect him to the bathroom, but no such luck last night. I have to say it was pretty funny. We did a quick wash off and put him back in bed where he promptly stopped crying and said "love you mommy, goodnight." When I asked him this morning if he remembered anything he said no, but he had a good laugh about it!