Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eden Lyn Grover

Well, after a 10 hour labor, we finally got to meet Eden Lyn. She gave us a little excitement after being posterior, having the umbilical cord around her neck, and retracting when she was breathing once she was born. We were glad once things slowed down a little and we could just enjoy holding and loving her!

Okay, maybe things are just starting to feel like they are slowing down. We have been to the doctors office or the hospital almost every day until today. Eden has been on a bili bed until today. She has been such a great baby, hardly crying at all. We could only take her off the bed to feed or change her.

We just laughed bringing her home. She is so tiny! I think the girls dolls take up more space in the carseat than Eden does.

And then there were five! The kids have been great with the new baby. They were very patient with waiting to hold Eden, and they have been so gentle with her. Hannah has even done pretty well (although she can ocationally get REALLY loving) I hope Eden is a strong one!

Eden Lyn Grover

6 lbs. 9 oz

20 1/2 in.
September 7, 2011