Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Evan was able to spend a couple of days at home with us this week and we LOVED every second of it ( well almost, we did have to cut up his deer .... gross ). The kids thought it was great to have the deer hanging in our garage. Addie would walk out and look at the deer and then come in and ask, "how is the deer doing? " Sander, who wants to be just like his dad, would go out and touch the meat and say it was doing good. We finally had some time on Saturday to cut it up. Since there was a massive rain storm right as we were heading out the door to go trick or treating, the kids gathered around and made some burger until the storm passed. They thought it was the greatest thing ever! We had Addie all ready to be a princess and then she saw the caterpillar outfit and she was sold. She has been carrying her "green thing" around all week. She has loved every second of wearing it. Hannah liked it too! She would sit by Addie and the next moment she would have an antenna in her mouth sucking on it.
Hannah was tiger. She spent her holiday with a cold, but she was able to pull out a smile for some pictures.

Gracie, my beauty queen! She kept telling people she was a musketeer, saving the king! She was so excited to put on her dress and make up...then she learned the sad truth about putting on make up, sometimes it isn't any fun. Her eyelashes are so long they would curl up and touch her eyelids and that made her really upset. The tears turned on and the makeup started to run down her cheeks. Sad girl! We were able to get her cleaned up and teach her the proper way to cry with make up on.

My kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE How to Train Your Dragon. Sander was so excited to be Hiccup. I think he has worn these clothes for three days straight! Thanks to my awesome neighbors who helped put this one together! Sander has been cracking me up. We were at a party and a little girl was dressed as Astrid, and she came up to say hi to Sander. I said " Sander look it is Astrid" and he immediately blushed and ran to my side. Later, after he had been trick or treating, he came to me and said, " mom I passed my girlfriend three different times!" He is taking this Hiccup/Astrid thing very seriously.

We got done trick or treating and went home to warm up our hands and feet and then took the kids to get some pizza. They were so tired they feel asleep on the way there. We got to pizza and brought it home and put the kids in bed. ( They enjoyed their pizza this afternoon.) It was a great Halloween!