Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am a Child of God- A Cappella

For any of you who like the soundtrack to "The Mission", the A Cappella group "Inside Out" has combined I am a Child of God with Gabriels Oboe. It is BEAUTIFUL!!

Since Hannah

We are a little behind on what has been going on here, but since we had Hannah, things haven't slowed down one bit. This was the happy ending to our Valentine's Day. We love having such a sweet baby in our home. It hasn't made the older kids calm down any, but they are a little more loving, not always in the softest way, with their baby sister and with each other. The kids had a great Valentine's Day running around following clues that led to their valentines, eating chocolate, and loving each other!! In fact, we lost Addie for a minute and when I found her, she was hiding in a corner with three boxes of chocolate on the ground. When I looked at her, she got a really big smile on her chocolate covered face. ( I wish I would of thought to get the camera, but we had some apologies to make to Gracie and Sander for eating their chocolates. )
We were grateful to see smiles since the night before, Sander and Gracie were playing around, and showing off for their cousin Chris and his wife Taylor, when Sander face planted it on our concrete floor. There were tears all around and one REALLY fat lip. Poor boy, woke up in the night and started crying because his "lips weren't working right."

That happened after they had been having so much fun doing this! They love to pose for the camera. How long do you think that will last ? :)

We were also able to help some of our friends put out fliers asking for donations to put together kits for the people in Haiti. There were so many people who donated that the kids were able to put together 200 kits!! Later we took the kids to the Humanitarian Aid Center and took a tour. At the end, the kids were able to give the kits they had made. It was a really neat experience for our families to see how willing others where to help those who have been suffering.