Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ooops...Eden turns 2

September is a pretty great month. I means that it is finally starting to cool down and brings my favorite season...fall. A couple of years ago I was super excited because it meant Eden was finally abel to join our family! I have to say I definitely get mom of the year award, because I totally forgot about her birthday. I KNOW!!! Eden came and got in bed with us and after a few minutes of giving morning hugs and kisses, Evan perked up and said, "Hey, its Eden birthday!" He looked at me and said, "What do you have planned for her..." then trailed off when he saw the look on my face. A big fat whoops! 

 We quickly made her a birthday sign and took her "shopping" in our basement for her birthday cereal. She was really excited about the fuss being made over her. Evan ran to the store for birthday gifts while I threw together some cupcakes. ( yep, even had to have the neighbor bake them for me since I had fruit leather cooking in our oven)
 Eden loved her thrown together cupcakes, so we snapped a quick picture of them and rushed to a baptism of one of our close friends. After the baptism we headed to Idaho for a quick visit home.
 Good thing Grandma was prepared with a gift for Eden. She got a little bit of a celebration!
 We headed up to have dinner with some of Evan's family the next day and we had another celebration where she actually got to blow out some candles and eat some cake.
I bet she wished for a mom who is more on top of things... and heres hoping next year is a little bit better! :)