Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hannah Banana goes to preschool

 It's finally here! Hannah gets to start preschool. While Hannah has given us quite the wild ride, I can't help but feel a little sad that she is starting the process of growing up and moving on.
 She has seriously been counting down the minutes for preschool to begin. I was worried when I left her, but she was sitting (QUIETLY) coloring a picture when I walked out the door. She had one moment of hesitation when she asked me if I would really come back and get her. Since it had been a good day ;), I told her I really would come back and get her. 
Eden was sad to see her buddy go (Creed is probably more sad now that he is the only one left for Eden to play with....) but for this very brief, peaceful moment, Eden and Creed are fast asleep and the house is very, very quiet. I just might be able to get used to this. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

sneak peak

Some day I will feel up to the task of telling Creeds story, but for now I will just say we are grateful every day for the blessing he is in our lives. We can't thank everyone enough for the countless prayers   love and support we have felt from you all! 
Creed-man you bring us so much joy. We love you! 

back to school

 Wow, wow and wow. My kiddos are looking old! They were so excited for the first day of school! Had to laugh when I heard Sander sneak out of the house before 6:30 this morning to take care of the dogs so they could all hurry and get ready for school. They were a great support to each other, as they didn't want their mamma walking them to school, making sure they all made it to their classes ok. I am so grateful to have these kids in my life. 
 Grace 5th 
 Sander 3rd
Adelle 1st
( for some reason the kids really pull out the model posing ha )

They came home and told us all about their first day while we made "confidence cookies" ( great from pintrest) and enjoyed a yummy treat together.