Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Road Trip to Colorado

 Our kids have always been close to Eric and Janine's kids, most likely because the older ones were born a few weeks/days apart from each other. The kids like to face time with each other and if they are together Maryn and Gracie can be heard for most of the night talking to each other. So the kids were pretty excited when we decided to load up and road trip to Colorado to surprise the cousins at their Mom's wedding reception. 
 The kids got along pretty well considering how long of a drive it is to Denver, but they were excited whenever they got to get out of the car and run around for a few minutes. 
 We got to the hotel and let the kids swim for an hour then got all dressed up to go to the reception. Sander was out of the car and running up the road before we had even stopped because he was so excited to see Caleb. Gracie immediately ran into the house checking all the rooms for Maryn and you could tell from the screaming when they found each other. They didn't leave each other's side for the rest of our time in Colorado. Sander was growing impatient to find Caleb and finally ran off. We didn't see much of them after that, they were busy running around being crazy boys! The little girls quickly found Josh and Adam and spent some fun time jumping on the tramp and sneaking treats. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Janine and Nathan, but they looked incredibly happy and Janine looked gorgeous as usual! Evan and I enjoyed getting to know many of their friends, who made it a point to make us feel welcome. It was a beautiful night. 
 Jean and Roy were so great to let us steal the kids for the night and take them back to the hotel with us so the kids could have a few more hours to play. Evan took them the swim while I let Creed have some quiet time to try to recuperate from all the excitement. Then all the kids piled into the beds to hunker down for the night. We decided six kids in one bed was the limit so Sander and Caleb were awesome and took the floor!
We took the kids back to their grandparents house and enjoyed visiting with Janine's awesome family for a few hours then hit the road back to home. We sure do love those kids and had great fun on our road trip! 

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