Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mary and Creed

Mary has become an honorary member of our family. I told her this last week when she got here to work with Creed and the kids were fighting and yelling and not obeying all while she was here!! Up until this point they have been very polite while she has been here. I guess that is what happens when someone has been coming to our home for the last 8 months! Mary is our little miracle worker. Creed  has done so well working with Mary. His face lights up when she comes to our home. (Although he is starting to figure out that she makes him work and stretch himself in ways he doesn't want to, but he always ends up looking at her adoringly before she leaves  ) Last week she was able to get him up on his hands and knees. Every now and then I pause to realize what a miracle Creed's life has been. I am so grateful for every mile stone that he reaches. I am grateful for the people who have come into our lives and helped us know what we need to do to help Creed be as successful as possible. What a joy Mary has been for us. And we couldn't love Creed more. His smile is contagious and we all look forward to our turn to love on him! 

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